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Renovation Consultations

When it comes to renovations we want to be overjoyed with the result, maximize our space as well as our budget. The problem is that you don’t know what’s lurking behind your walls. Those problems once discovered can potentially stall your project or dramatically increase its cost. Having a consult before your project commences will open up your project in ways you didn’t realize. Once completed you’ll have a renovation you’re ecstatic over, one that will increase the value of your home – more so than the average renovation. Yes, we ensure that your vision becomes reality.

Age In Place Remodeling

Our age in place service help make your vision of staying in your home a reality. Our homes need improvements to match its current value. Similarly, as we age we need to make modifications to our home to ensure our safety. Some of those would include updating the kitchen and bathroom to make it safer and more user friendly.
Having a consult to discuss how we can update your home before you begin will ensure you age in place comfortably.

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