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A renovation consultancy that specializes in kitchen and bath projects. We help ensure that the vision you have for your home improvement renovation becomes reality. My experience as both craftsman and tradesman give me the ability to understand both the aesthetic and structural issues you’ll encounter with your renovation potentially derailing your project or increasing its cost significantly. Through our Renovation Consulting Age in Place services Seniors continue living safely and comfortably in their own place. It’s your home, lets make the vision you have for it reality!

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Why have a consultation before starting your renovation?

Homeowners call me for Renovation Consulting services before beginning a project for several reasons:

• A beautiful design created on screen by an Interior Designer cannot be built due to issues discovered during demolition.
• The General Contractor’s focus is to get the job done quickly and move on. Many times they overlook areas where your space can be maximized.
• Your kitchen or bath is outdated and doesn’t match the current value of the home.
•  You set aside a budget for your renovation and want to know how you can get the most for your money.

Renovation Regret Is Real

Avoid the danger of not being able to realize your vision once you’ve begun by beginning with a consultation. Your home is one of your greatest investments and you want to be ecstatic with the improvements you’re making. You need someone in your corner with the knowledge and experience to advise those on your renovation on how to bring your vision to life and more. Call Rob for a consultation or click below to learn more.

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